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Floor Level Tilt Tables

IMCS Floor Level Container Tilters allow you to tilt containers to their corners or side for easy product removal. Our tilters operate by air on as little as 60 p.s.i., and have been designed to load at floor level.

Floor Level Tilt Tables
  • Safety Options: IMCS has Enclosure Options to Meet your Safety Requirements.
  • Option 1: Part No. 25-6012-000, Safety Locking Device, Prevent the table from crashing to ground in the event of unplanned air loss or air bag rupture.
  • Option 2: Part No. 25-5003-001, Integral vibrator option, for materials like powder and regrinds that will not flow at angles over 52°.

Product Specifications

Detailed product information provides an accurate description of requirements, measurements, and functionality.

Model No.ControlTable SizeLoad CapacityTilt CapacityTilt AngleFootprint
25-5000-000Hand44"x44"x9"2000 lbs1250 lbs52°62"x68"
25-5000-001Foot44"x44"x9"2000 lbs1250 lbs52°62"x68"
25-5006-000Hand44"x44"x11"2000 lbs1250 lbs52°80"x63"
25-6000-000Hand44"x44"2000 lbs1250 lbs52°70"x64"
25-6000-001Foot44"x44"2000 lbs1250 lbs52°70"x64"
25-6200-000HandUp to 36" Dia.2000 lbs1250 lbs52°N/A
25-8001-000Hand44"x44"4000 lbs3000 lbs52°N/A