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Lift-n-Dump Box Dumpers

IMCS’ Lift-n-Dump Box Dumpers allow floor level loading for dump heights of up to 30' or more. Lift-n-Dumps can be designed to handle dump loads from 2,500lbs to more than 10,000lbs. Automation and flow control are available to make container evacuation efficient and safe.

Lift-n-Dump Box Dumpers
  • Safety Options: IMCS has Enclosure Options to Meet your Safety Requirements
  • Option 2: OPTION VALUE 02
  • Option 3: OPTION VALUE 03
  • Option 4: OPTION VALUE 04

Product Specifications

Detailed product information provides an accurate description of requirements, measurements, and functionality.

Model No.Load LocationBucket WidthDischarge HeightPower Requirements
21-5003-000Vertical52"Up to 8'480V / 3 PH
21-5003-001Vertical52"Up to 8'240V / 3 PH
21-5004-000Vertical52"Up tp 10'480V / 3 PH
21-5004-001Vertical52"Up tp 10'240V / 3 PH
21-5005-000Vertical52"Up tp 12'480V / 3 PH
21-5005-001Vertical52"Up tp 12'240V / 3 PH