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Floor Level Box Dumpers

IMCS Foor Level Container Dumpers remove material from all types of containers, allowing placement into your material handling system quick and safe. Our dumpers can be fully automated or manually controlled with a variety of safety enclosure options to ensure the safest most productive solutions for your needs.

Floor Level Box Dumpers
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  • Safety Options: IMCS has Enclosure Options to Meet your Safety Requirements
  • Option 2: OPTION VALUE 02
  • Option 3: OPTION VALUE 03
  • Option 4: OPTION VALUE 04

Product Specifications

Detailed product information provides an accurate description of requirements, measurements, and functionality.

Model No.Load OrientaionDump CapacityDump HeightBucket WidthPower Requirements
20-5018-000Rear Load2500 lbs48"48"480V / 3 PH
20-5018-001Rear Load2500 lbs48"48"240V / 1 PH
20-5019-000Rear Load2500 lbs48"48"120V / 1 PH
20-5020-000Rear Load2500 lbs48"52"480V / 3 PH
20-5020-001Rear Load2500 lbs48"52"240V / 3 PH
20-5021-000Rear Load2500 lbs48"52"120V / 1 PH
20-5022-000Rear Load2500 lbs48"48"Air Motor Drive
20-5023-000Rear Load2500 lbs48"52"Air Motor Drive
20-5030-000Rear Load2500 lbs58"48"480V / 3 PH
20-5030-001Rear Load2500 lbs58"48"240V / 3 PH
20-5031-000Rear Load2500 lbs58"48"120V / 1 PH
20-5032-000Rear Load2500 lbs58"52"480V / 3 PH
20-5032-001Rear Load2500 lbs58"52"240V / 3 PH
20-5033-000Rear Load2500 lbs58"52"120V / 1 PH
20-5034-000Rear Load2500 lbs58"48"Air Motor Drive
20-5035-000Rear Load2500 lbs58"52"Air Motor Drive
20-5100-000Left Side2500 lbs48"50"x50"x44"480V / 3 PH
20-5100-001Left Side2500 lbs48"50"x50"x44"240V / 3 PH
20-5100-002Right Side2500 lbs48"50"x50"x44"480V / 3 PH
20-5100-003Right Side2500 lbs48"50"x50"x44"240V / 3 PH
20-5101-000Left Side2500 lbs48"50"x50"x44"120V / 1 PH
20-5101-001Right Side2500 lbs48"50"x50"x44"120V / 1 PH
20-5107-000Side2500 lbs48"50"x50"x44"Air Motor Drive